Caught On Tape: Two Smash and Grab Burglaries

There have been nine incidents so far; the first at Bayou Landing on December 24 at midnight. At first, they opened the stores by prying open the door, but as time went by, they changed their tactics, stealing vehicles, using them to smash the doors and abandoning them after the deed was done.
Bayou Landing in Carlyss was the first to be robbed on December 24 and again on January 21, then The Store on Highway 27 north of Sulphur was next on January 24 . Gateway 171 and Delta 7 in Moss Bluff and Rudy's Corner in Westlake on were all hit on January 26. As well, Chaisson's Store in LeBleu Settlement on January 30 and Fisherman's Wharf on February 3 were robbed. The Store was again a target on February 4.
Mancuso implores the public to contact his office if anyone has any information on these and any future 'smash and grabs.' Contact his office at 337-491-3600.

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