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Google Map Secret Coordinates. Unusual and secret images as seen from space

This video contains secret coordinates of unusual and secret images as seen through Google Maps. The coordinates of all the images on this video are below.
1) Unknown image carved in mountains
Coordinates = 40 27'15.19"N 93 23'33.75"E
2) Camels in Chad
Coordinates = 15°17'40.32" N 20°28'47.42" E
3) Lady's Head in Canada
Coordinates = 50° 0'36.09"N, 110° 6'35.17"W
4) Firefox crop circle in Oregon
Coordinates = 45° 7'25.87"N 123° 6'48.97"W
5) Buffaloes in Tanzania
Coordinates = 4°17'21.49" S 31°23'46.46" E
6) Ptash Mine Pools in Utah
Coordinates = 38°29'0.16"N 109°40'52.80"W
7) Oryx in Namibia
Coordinates = 24°57'18.60" S 15°51'30.61" E
8) Crazy public swimming pool in Germany
Coordinates = 52°29'52.24"N 13°27'13.67"E
9) Nazi Swastika shaped building in California
Coordinates = 32°40'34.19"N 117° 9'27.58"W
10) Enormous Human Fingerprint in the UK
Coordinates = 50°50'38.7

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