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Kata´ib Hezbollah -Third Statement about the Security Agreement with usa (video from rai tv)


(This is the cedarboy`s translation for the
Third Statement about the Security Agreement with usa ,they have translated it from many days ago + a video from rai tv was showing it on the screen.)

When Hizbollah Brigades launched its Jihad, its only goal was liberating our country & sacking out occupation, and ending its colonial scheme in Iraq.

Today we stand with our people as we face two choices only: either we sack out the occupiers & rule the country with the law of Islam, or submission to American occupation & its military, schemes, and will, by signing a peace agreement that worse than "Camp David". And today they are doing their best to make that possible by in public bribery and promises for political & personal benefits. Or by intimidating those who don’t look for bribery or personal benefits.

Al-Maliki is saying that Iraq has two choices

Added: Dec-15-2008 Occurred On: Dec-7-2008
By: abooadal
Iraq, Middle East
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