Bosnian muslim kill 3 people in Graz (Austria)

Graz: muslim from Bosnia and Herzegovina jeep killing three, and then with a knife attacked people. The Austrian city of Graz sometime after noon jeep driver deliberately rushed at full speed into a crowd of people, killing three.

Alen Rizvanović from Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina occurs federal television.

Rizvanović was born in 1989 and lives in Kalsdorf near Graz. Police chief Josef Klamminger at an extraordinary press conference said the attacker from Graz, a 26-year-old Austrian, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The attacker is married and has two children. He is a driver and at the time of the accident was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Allegedly on 28 May reported for domestic violence, but this information is still being studied.

Klamminger stressed that tragedy does not have a terrorist background, but this is an isolated case.

Officially, were killed three people. He died four year old boy, and a boy and a girl aged 24 and 28 years. 34 people were injured, including three children, of which two heavily injured, but stable. Six adults were in a critical condition, it was said at the press conference.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina through the BiH Embassy in Vienna police informed that a citizen is a person who today has caused a serious accident in the Austrian city of Graz.As stated by Chief of the Office of Public Relations SME Nebojsa Regoje, checking the system, it was concluded that the person has a valid BiH. passport, and that the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina to take, depending on the wishes of that citizen, measures to provide consular assistance in accordance with the valid diplomatic and consular conventions.

"As for the other details of the accident, MSPBiH or BiH Embassy in Vienna may not provide information with regard to coming out of our jurisdiction. We expect that in accordance with the interests of investigating authorities of Austria informed the public about the accident," said Regoje.

The driver of a car in Graz killed three and injured more than 30 people, was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was confirmed that it was Allen Rizvanović born in Bihac in 1989.

"A person came to Austria as a refugee with her parents when she was four years and in the meantime has received Austrian citizenship," he told counselor at the Embassy of BiH in Vienna Mile Sadžak.

He added that the police raided the apartment of the suspect, but that nothing significant has been found so that it can not talk about motives.

Sadžak confirmed that he has no information on whether among the dead and injured are citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

MUP USK: There are indications that the wife and children Alena Rizvanović found in BiH

After Allen Rizvanović in Graz killing three people, the Austrian police has asked the security structures would need assistance in the investigation.

The Ministry of Interior of the Una-Sana Canton performs verification of certain persons associated with Rizvanović, and the request that is sent from Graz via Interpol.As for explained MUP spokesman USC Ale Šiljdedić, it is a normal procedure and cooperation between police structures of the two countries due to the fact that the perpetrator of the tragedy was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"There are also indications that the wife and two children Alena Rizvanović located on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and perhaps outside of the Una-Sana Canton, although so far nothing has been confirmed," said Šiljdedić.