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Guilty liberal woman shills for mexican lobby (+ history lesson)/mexican cartels put price on Arpaio's head/DOJ threatens: sue Arpaio

Anonymous said...
In Miglavia, activists who protest immigration laws are "racist" and "support criminals," and for that brilliant bit of commentary, a big shout-out to Daniel Miglavs -- himself a former criminal. And in Miglavia, once a criminal, always a criminal, because as they repeatedly tell us, it's in their nature.

Psssst ... unless you're St. Miglavs! ;-)

8:22 PM
Anonymous said...
I love the smug bimbo in the middle. LMAO. Waiting for the day when what she protests for actually effects her.


7:44 AM
Steven said...
Illegal since 1492? Gosh she doesn't look a day over 60!

11:07 AM
Anonymous said...
Prior to 1492 very few native people common to Mexico lived in any of what are now our border states. The Indians who occupied those areas


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