Michael Libow and BHUSD under investigation for alleged conspiracy and collusion on excessive school donations scandal

Los Angeles, January 20th - Los Angeles resident George Malyszewicz
filed a formal complaint against Michael Libow,a top Coldwell Banker realtor,
and the Beverly Hills Unified School District alleging collusion and conspiring to promote
himself via excessive monetary donations to the BHUSD over the past 10 years. Malyszewicz has documented proof that both Libow and the school board conspired to enter into an
agreement wherein Libow was given priority and has donated over $125,000
of his personal monies in exchange for prime advertising space on
Beverly Hills schools’ properties. Malyszewicz goes on to suggest in his
complaint that more malevolent forces are at work. In part 2 of the
complaint filed with the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors,
Malyszewicz states that he has evidence of the Nixon administration
creating an all-powerful and all-knowing educational entity in Los
Angeles that monitors such goings-on and reports back to their
headquarters in Sacramento, California. He claims to have audio records as
far back in time from Spiro Agnew that incriminate the City of Los
Angeles and the Mayor. These logs prove beyond a shadow of a reasonable
doubt that there is a massive cover-up and conspiracy in the LA Unifed
School District as well as the Beverly Hills Unified School District and
this ties into the recent issues that these districts have had with
their computer systems. There are 4 documented instances where either a
playground or other school resource has been renamed to the “Michael J.
Libow…..” This is unfair competition to those not given “1st right of
refusal” to donate monies to the school district in exchange for
advertising rights. Libow has profited and benefited from the donations
he gave to the school district when others should have had the same
rights as he did. In the competitive world of real estate, and
especially in Los Angeles, there needs to be a level playing field.
Simon Nelson, a competing realtor, questioned the opportunity that Libow
was given. He wants this to be investigated for fraud and collusion. “If their goal and responsibility is to raise funds, why wasn’t a proper notification and mailing done to all family members and
alumni of this wonderful opportunity?” Nelson is suggesting that there
is a conspiracy by Libow and the School district to keep lucrative
donating opportunities relegated to a select few members of society. To
date, Libow has sponsored: 3 classrooms and a playground at BHUSD
schools, including Beverly High’s “Michael J. Libow Math Lab,” for
$30,000, Beverly Vista’s “Michael J. Libow Atrium” for $21,750, El
Rodeo’s Michael J. Libow Courtyard for $30,000, and Hawthorne’s “Michael
J. Libow Kindergarten Playspace” for approximately $23,000. Collusion
and corruption between public officials and the private sector is
nothing new, but when people such as realtor Simon Nelson are not
personally given an opportunity to participate in the bidding process
for advertising rights to a public entity, it creates sour grapes that
transcend the implicated trust we give our elected officials. A recent
Los Angeles Times article quoted several more instances of Mr. Libow
donating money in order to get lucrative advertising rights on various
community and other school properties. When the Common Core Standards
System (CCSS) is fully implemented this year in the state of California,
it will open up many more opportunities for private citizens with
political connections like Libow to engage in backroom deals that will
only serve to blur the already thin line between the public and private
sector. Let this document serve as evidence of the existence of a huge
conspiracy in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Unified School
Districts. We will be releasing more names (and evidence to back up our
claims) in the coming months. Stay tuned as the New York Times has picked up the scandal and is currently writing a piece which will run in the finance section of the February 8th Sunday edition of their newspaper).


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