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Hammerhead worm, Bipalium Kewense preys on earthworms

Asian flatworm invades North America, may decimate earthworm population.

Bipalium kewense is the scientific name of the hammerhead
flatworm or land planarian that somewhat resembles a hammerhead shark.
Hammerhead worms are not poisonous, they do not bite, and they cannot
harm people or pets. However, these worms can be disastrous to gardeners
and their crops because the hammerhead's favorite food is the
gardener's best friend - earthworms. Ordinary earthworms are beneficial
to gardens because they aerate and fertilize the soil. A severe
infestation of hammerhead worms can quickly decimate a garden's
earthworm population. Hammerhead worms can be as long as 20 inches,
but most are about one inch long. They secrete thick mucus from the
underside of their bodies that leaves a trail behind them as they
travel. They may or may not have stripes and are usually s

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