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Got Food Stamps? Here's Your Free Cell Phone!

This is a commercial that has been running in Georgia over the past week or so. I am absolutely stunned.

How in the hell did we get to this point? A free cell phone, given to you by the government? WTF? I bet this stuck in the spendiferous package somewhere.

Oh yeah, sure they tug on your heartstrings by showing an old black woman cowering during a thunderstorm, but when did we get to a point in our society where qualification for food stamps is enough for the government to give you a damn cell phone? And make no mistake - this phone isn't "free." It's coming out of our taypaying pockets!

Now with your gubmint cheese, you'll get your gubmint minutes.

We're definitely on the road to socialism, folks. A cell phone is NOT a right!

Added: Feb-12-2009 
By: MsUnderestimated
Tags: Socialism, Cell Phones, Government, Welfare, Food Stamps, Entitlement
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