AMERICA: The new nazis

This video was inspired by the recent video "will these wars ever end"

It depicts a view that america in its tyrannical quest to rule the world has entered a state comparable to the nazi Germany of pre WWII.

This is the view of many political/intellectual bodies world wide.

When you consider that the vast majority of the german people followed the nazi party blindly into the abyss, it becomes clear what is happening right now in america.

It's not only america in this state! facism has a grip on many countries,but america claims to be the leaders in upholding democracy and freedom, when that is simply not true.

The video was made with:
Sony Vegas Pro 10
Boris Continuum Complete 7
Milk drop
AVS converter
Various vids/pics
Black Sabbath - War pigs

Watch/listen/think/research/do something.
- video encodings still in process -


By: Cubic_Numeric (239.34)

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