"Blame the imbeciles" by Alexander Rogers

Several years ago, I wrote an article titled "http://alexandr-rogers.livejournal.com/150339.html."

I called that article “a detector”. Because smart people laughed, appreciated it, and did not think it was written about them. But the en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imbecilegot pissed, swore and screamed.

In 2014, this article suddenly got second wind - a number of big websites reprinted it in connection with the Maidan events.

And now, looks like it's time to write a sequel:


The root cause of it all is the huge number of imbeciles [in our country].

The destruction of the Soviet education system, [the media] "dumbing down" everyone to the level of a basic consumer with purely consumption-based concerns and values, cultivated disdain and aggressiveness towards intellectualism - all this produced a whole generation of people who have absolutely no critical thinking and lack basic knowledge of the world.

The older generation did not escape this negative selection. Due to the fact that intelligent people were not needed in Ukraine (because "racial and ideological purity" was considered more important than education and talent), they left en masse to other countries - some to the West, some to Russia (approximately 50 / 50). The ones that stayed are usually the ones that no one abroad will employ. As a result, the few surviving Ukrainian intellectuals are literally groaning from not having anyone to talk with and nothing to discuss.

Long ago, in 2002, discussing Ukraine’s future prospects with my friends, I got agitated and shouted out loud "Our streets are overrun with morons!". And since then, the situation only got worse and worse.


Imbeciles understand human speech, and utter short phrases themselves. Their speech is simplified and riddled with errors, but understandable. Their thinking is very concrete and primitive, but consistent. They are incapable of understanding abstract concepts, their knowledge base is very limited, attention, memory, and willpower are very underdeveloped.

Those suffering from imbecility can still be taught basic work skills, reading, writing, and arithmetic. Their emotions are more differentiated than those of idiots - they are emotionally tied to their families, adequately respond to praise or blame. Imbeciles lack initiative, are susceptible to suggestion, get easily lost in a changing environment, need constant supervision and care, and in an adverse environment their behavior can turn anti-social.

This the exact portrait of the foot soldiers of the “Revolution of Diknity."

Imbeciles are to blame for everything that is happening in Ukraine.

Only imbeciles could so fervently believe all that nonsense about "European paradise". Anyone intelligent enough to occasionally watch the news would know what the situation in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and a number of other comparable European countries is a lot worse than the rosy picture painted by propaganda.
And only imbeciles could believe that there is no corruption in the EU, and that EU will be able to purge it from Ukraine. Because only imbeciles are unable to Google search for "Report of the EU Anti-Corruption Bureau". All others can easily read the most recent document released by this organization, and be appalled by the fact that at least one-third of the consolidated EU budget gets stolen. And [EU politicians] were saying they’ll teach us how to fight corruption?

Only imbeciles could believe the tales of President Yanukovich’s golden paperweights and golden toilets. Successful capitalists don’t save - they invest. Yanukovych (just like any other oligarch) would have never gotten rich if he tied up his cash by hoarding gold bullion. All the real wealth of his clan is in productive assets, this is a no-brainer - but the imbeciles on Maidan were hypnotized by the magical golden glow of non-existent toilets.

Only imbeciles could get so riled up about the "police brutalizing kids" news story [especially since it was quickly revealed the majority of arrested “kids” were 30 or older - ed.]. At least once a month, I see and repost videos of demonstrations being brutally dispersed in the "democratic" West. Water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets, steel batons and beating those on the ground – the whole nine yards. Our post-Soviet space is simply spoiled by personal rights and gentle attitude of the police forces*. The Western police is much more brutal, and "Berkut" gently subduing the provocateurs that attacked them with sticks and burning flares wasn’t anything out of the ordinary – definitely nothing worth destroying the country for.

To see the difference [in police tactics between Ukraine and the West], one merely has to search for “police harassment” on Youtube. But imbeciles are not capable even of that.

[Warning! - This is, obviously, a police brutality video]

And tell me, could non-imbeciles willingly put the small-time crooks of the "three-headed opposition" (Klitschko, Yatsenyuk, and Tyagnibok) in charge of the country? The same politicians that previously spent a year trying to stir up a coup under the brand names of "Days of Wrath" and "Arise, Ukraine", and miserably failed? The losers that would have never come to power in any sort of a fair election? The answer is, IMHO, is obvious.

Who could first elect lurkmore.to/%D0%A7%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B5%D1%86** as a mayor of Kiev, and next elect www.liveleak.com/view?i=500_1411187583? That's right, only other imbeciles!


And finally, who can continue to think Yatsenyuk is a talented economist even after seeing a year of his "reforms"? Who can support a government that stole 17 billion dollars, devalued the currency (i.e. salaries) to less than a third of pre-revolution values (and unofficially - almost one-fifth!), froze salary and pension increases, raised age of retirement, increased utility charges and prices several times over (and plans to raise them even more), squandered the entire gold reserve and sent tens of thousands of Ukrainians to their deaths (and I'm not even talking about bombing of peaceful cities in Donbass)?
I am deeply convinced that to support such a government - that is, by now, almost entirely composed of foreign colonial managers from Georgia, US, and Lithuania - one needs to be a complete, incurable imbecile.

And do you know how many of them are out there?
According to the latest «Research & Branding» poll, 50% of the population do not support the new government, but 41% do!
Of course, it is good to know that sane people are still the majority, but the percentage of imbeciles in Ukrainian society is now up to 41%!

Moreover, these imbeciles have, by now, turned into hyperactive zealots that do not question the official dogma and are willing to kill for it, living in an imaginary world where West is Heaven and East is Hell. And, in spite of being completely screwed by the new government, they continue to vigorously support it.

Just yesterday, on Facebook, I saw somebody post – completely seriously - "My wallet was stolen at the supermarket. Glory to Ukraine!”.

Do you want to Ukraine to recover, at least in the distant future? Then you need to deprive revolutionary imbeciles of civil and political rights, and the most violent (those dangerous to society) should be isolated and forcibly treated. Otherwise the situation will only get worse and worse.

Alexander Rogers


Notes from the translator:
* 60s-70s USSR was, in fact, a very docile society with much lower crime than today's post-Soviet space, and policemen usually didn't carry guns or clubs.
In fact, police batons are nicknamed "democracy sticks" in Russia/Ukraine because they only appeared with the demise of USSR, when economic destruction necessitated riot control tactics and creation of riot police units.

** Leonid Chernovetskiy, mayor of Kiev 2006-2012, also known variously as Leo the Martian, LSD Leo, etc., was
- extremely rich
- highly eccentric
- member of the "God's Ambassadors" cult
- regularly accused of doing hard drugs (most notably, by the Police Minister Lytsenko)
- not a good public speaker

His most famous quote is probably "Me ... my team ... of young ones ... are doing something ... something important". A typical "Leo the Martian" story is Leo answering a citizens request for help by getting out of his chair to pray, then telling the astonished petitioner that "God said you do not need that apartment. Go in peace".