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Iranian History in WWII

The influence of Germany was so evident in the name-change of Iran that the French newspaper, Echo de Paris in its February 10th, 1935 issue, claimed the whole idea to be initiated by Hitler himself.Iran would have it's name changed from "Persia" the Greek name that most of the West has come to know this land as.Hitler himself advocated that it be "Iran" meaning "Land of the Aryans".The name Persians have called Iran for the past 7,000 years.

Invasion of Iran.

British and Soviet troops invaded Iran on 25 August 1941. At the time, and for many years afterward, the main reason given for this was that German influence in Iran at the start of World War II was pronounced. Reza Shah Pahlavi's reliance on German technology for his ambitious development plans worried the Allies, who feared the Germans and the Iranians would mount a offensive deep into Soviet territory to free the beligered

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