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Iran's growing presence in Iraq

Iran's growing presence in Iraq

The US, Iran, and Iraq agreed Tuesday to form a subcommittee on stability in Iraq.
By Sam Dagher | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor


At the second round of talks between Iranian and US diplomats here Tuesday, one message American Ambassador Ryan Crocker delivered was that the US wants Tehran to play a positive role in Iraq.

But ask many Iraqi Shiites, including Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, and they say their neighbors are doing just that. In fact, economic ties between Iran and Iraq are growing in the face of US criticism of Tehran's meddling, which includes arming militias. Such Iran-Iraq links are not only bolstered by common beliefs binding Shiite leaders but also, some experts say, by a US strategy to arm and support former Sunni insurgents many of whom consider Shiites bitter foes in the fight against Al Qaed


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