Nurse saves 5-year-old kid's life from pedophile.

Kuzbass kindergarten teacher «Alyonushka» otbila a maniac-pedophile stolen his 5-year-old baby and helped operatives to apprehend him.

34-year-old Victor Osipov in broad daylight, not tayas, went into flowering and ringing laughter of children in the kindergarten yard Kuzbass town Berezovskii, get one of malyshek hand, dragged her to the exit.

- Frighten 5-year-old Vasilisa silently went blind uncle - said operatives. - Above the courtyard hanging disturbing silence.


- From such impudence, I even lost the gift of speech - said 38-year-old teacher Tatiana Muraviev. - A man without a ceremonial grabbed a child by the hand and led her from the yard, though, and did not see me!

The woman did not hesitate scrambled after the offender. Substituting themselves under furious blows pedophile, she otbila baby.

- Vasilisa all ran away in tears in a kindergarten, a maniac pushed me aside and fled, - tells the teacher.


At the place of immediate emergency team left operatives.

- Tatiana Muravyov detail bandit, and within hours we were detained him - police say Berezovsky. - It turns out he lived next door. The detainee, a man mentally ill. Examination revealed that he had that day was worsening. He explained that he heard inner voices that told him to pick up a girl in a beautiful dress.

- Thank God I managed to save a child - sigh Tatiana Muraviev. - And this Herod took away the police. Now, in the district even joke that, say, your garden «Alyonushka» finger in his mouth no luggage, nip, protecting kids. But what else? Children - our wealth!

Larisa Maksimenko