Nearly 60 detained by Israel Police during violent protests of radical Orthodox Jews against IDF draft

Their protests were held yesterday both in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv area, followed by the arrest of two yeshiva students for failing to show up to the IDF draft office. The anti-IDF protesters blocked main roads and confronted police officers. 40 were detained in the Tel Aviv suburb of Bnei Brak, and 17 in Jerusalem. That was the second day in a row of such protests. Some of the arrested called the police- Damn Germans and said they rather die than join the IDF. In Jerusalem a police officer pulled a gun on protesters, threatening them. Video footage obtained by Channel 10, showed the officer asking the protesters blocking the road, “Who wants a bullet?”



By: aydeo (16233.28)

Tags: Police,Detain,Dozens,Radical,Orthodox,Violent,Protest,IDF,Draft

Location: Israel

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