Gorgeous Landscape Photos Of A Grand Canyon Lightning Storm.

Landscape photographer Rolf Maeder went out for a routine trip with a couple of friends to photograph sunsets at the Grand Canyon, near his home in Arizona. What he got was something spectacular when he managed to shoot these Grand Canyon lightning storm photos.

The sunset proved less than photogenic, but they soon saw a thunderstorm rolling in from the east. They set up tripods and waited for the storm to approach.To capture multiple strikes of lightning in one photograph, Maeder used long exposures of twenty to twenty-five seconds. One of his friends used a flashlight to "light-paint" the foreground.

While knowing where to focus and how to shoot at night comes from hardened practice learned over time, Maeder conceded that often even he doesn’t know what is going to come out in a particular picture.

“Catching the lightnings is a guess where they will appear …” said Maeder. “The real outcome can only be seen at it's full glory, back at home on the computer."

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