Boston police officer charged with OUI after wreck

FOXBORO, Mass.-- A woman who was hurt in a crash with an
off-duty Boston police officer is criticizing the Boston police
department. After 33 days, the officer was charged with OUI, failure to
stop, and reckless operation of a motor vehicle.

Briana O’Neill, 22, said she was starting to drive through an
intersection in Hyde Park in May when off-duty officer Richard Janetti
allegedly came barreling through a stop sign and slammed into her Honda
Accord and another vehicle.

O’Neill wants to why it took BPD 33 days to file charges.

“I have a punctured artery that goes to my brain. I have a C-1 fracture
in my neck,” O’Neill said. “It really upsets me. If it would have been
me, I’d be in jail right now.”

O’Neill’s attorney, Rickie Weiner, said the Boston police told him the
officer was doing an estimated 70-miles per hour. There are also
allegations that the officer had been drinking.

A witness at the scene gave Weiner a statement saying the officer did
not see her and he was drunk and his breath smelled of alcohol.

Michelle Bethel was driving the other car involved in the accident. The
police report says, “Ms. Bethel stated that ‘she was not completely
sure’ if the Accord had completely stopped at the stop sign.”

“He was absolutely drunk. There’s no way he couldn’t have been,” said Michelle Bethel.

The police report makes no mention of a breathalyzer being given, but
says an officer “attempted to speak with [Janetti] on the scene, but was
unable to” while paramedics were treating him.

“The facts just seem to indicate that he’s being treated a little bit differently,” Weiner said.

Boston police released a statement saying it is “cooperating with the
Suffolk County District Attorney’s office and has recommended that the
matter be taken before a grand jury.”

Janetti is on administrative restricted duty and has been since the wreck. He also had his license revoked.

O’Neill said that’s not good enough for her.

“I feel like he should not be an officer,” O’Neill said.

O’Neill’s attorney is filing a civil case against Janetti.


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