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Avengers NEW Featured Villian in Closing Credits as a Kid

THANOS got picked on as kid, because of his unusual size, misshapen body, and it didn't help that his brother Starfox looks like Matthew McCoughney. He ends up becoming obsessed with death who appears to him as a hot chick and begins tearing up the universe to impress her.

Eventually Death gets ticked at Thanos (probably from all the unneccesary texting) and makes him imortal, insuring he can never enter her realm (if you know what I mean). So Thanos goes off, destroying civilizations and stuff. It turns out Earth is on his target list.

Will Thanos be the next villian in Avengers 2? He's 975 pounds of immortal, steroid ridden power. Seems like only a god like Thor or the Hulk could handle this guy. But then again, Tony Stark could take him cruising for chicks. That might settle him down a bit.

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By: JTMusic
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