Footage from the Keene State College Riots, 18 October 2014

Reports suggest that the riot began when a large party got out of hand, and not related to the Pmpkin Festival. Keene State University students, as well as visitors from other colleges, are thought to have started the riot, in what was described by some media commentators as a
trend towards "rioting for fun".

Apparently selfies with riot police in the background were popular, and some students decided not to obey police and ended up getting their ass thrown to the ground. The entire event happened just a block from Keene's annual Pumpkin Festival.

Police in riot gear fire pepper spray paint balls at Keene State College students in Keene, New Hampshire. Students tear down street signs and throw beer bottles at police during the incident. Dozens of students were arrested.

Police managed to regain control around 1:30 a.m.

The third video is an interesting one, with a citizen journalism reporter at odds with one of the Festival organizers while on air.

Video 1, credit: Alex Moushey
Video 2, credit: FreeKeene
Video 3, credit: FreeKeene