CNN and NBC tossed into trash bin of gossip rag media and DROPPED from 2016 primary debates! LOL!

At its Summer meeting in Boston on Friday, the RNC formally adopted a
resolution excluding NBC and CNN from hosting or moderating Republican
primary debates during the 2016 Presidential campaign. The vote comes
after RNC Chair Reince Priebus urged the networks to cancel their plans
to air films celebrating the life of Hillary Clinton. Clinton is widely
expected to run for President.
"Your credibility as a supposedly unbiased news network will most
certainly be jeopardized by the decision to show political favoritism
and produce an extended commercial for Secretary Clinton’s nascent
campaign," Priebus in early August. He also sent a similar letter to NBC.
RNC's concerns about the Hillary Clinton films were echoed by unlikely allies. NBC chief political reporter Chuck Todd the planned Clinton films a "nightmare" for the network. MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell the plans for the film and former Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs called it a "terrible idea."

The vote to adopt the resolution was passed by a unanimous vote.