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DHS and US Police State spending their blank checks for bullets and unlimited citizen abuse 

All these police state laws aren't being enacted for no purpose. Billions of bullets are not being bought for training. Train after train load of wheeled tanks and armed cars are not being shipped all over the US for standard policing. There is staging for an international corporate organized crime and banker takeover of the US.

It is happening by inches. And, it has been ramped up in major way the last 2 decades. The US Constitution is going to be revoked. International corporate organized crime and bankers will own and run everything. Just sit back and eat popcorn.

[Link to 1st video] [Link to entire RT America's Breaking the Set episode starring Abby Martin]

Cops in Stafford Sprin

Added: Nov-8-2013 Occurred On: Nov-8-2013
By: SvenVonErick
Tags: UN, US, OWS, CIA, NSA, spying, wars, NDAA, bankster, Wall St, Martial Law, Patriot Act, Connecticut, Police, State, Brutality, DHS, Agenda 21, Eminent Domain, Norwalk, Boston, Bombing, Hoax, Newtown, Sandyhook, School, shooting, gun, ban, confiscation
Location: Stafford Springs, Connecticut, United States (load item map)
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