DHS and US Police State spending their blank checks for bullets and unlimited citizen abuse

All these police state laws aren't being enacted for no purpose. Billions of bullets are not being bought for training. Train after train load of wheeled tanks and armed cars are not being shipped all over the US for standard policing. There is staging for an international corporate organized crime and banker takeover of the US.

It is happening by inches. And, it has been ramped up in major way the last 2 decades. The US Constitution is going to be revoked. International corporate organized crime and bankers will own and run everything. Just sit back and eat popcorn.

[www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz3HLfY410Y&;amp;feature=c4-overview&list=UUvsye7V9psc-APX6wV1twLg] [rt.com/shows/breaking-set-summary/democracy-top-obama-failur]

Cops in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, talked about it before 9/11. I was asked to join the citizen abuse and rip off fest. I declined. I then was told I made too much money. A cop told me I should make a maximum of $10/hour as a contractor. My expenses were about $400 a week, so the cop thought I should have to work for free. Another cop told me that I did not own my house, I was just an occupant. Another cop told me that he deserved my wife, not me, and that I was kicked out of Connecticut and if I did not shut up and leave he'd arrest me. Fat Frank Prochaska did arrest me on trumped up charges. I was told by police that if I did not quit exposing pubic corruption, police brutality, and judicial misconduct I would never see my daughter again, and that I could take my last ride in a police cruiser trunk in handcuffs with my teeth kicked out. I was also told that I could spend the rest of my life in prison.

I was attacked numerous times. It was usually police informants police had encouraged to vandalize my property, stalk me, terrorize, and assault me. Calling 911 to get police to come was using just an act in futility. Cops have no obligation to come when called. Police have no obligation to protect and serve the public, they are only armed revenue collectors and guards for the state. Cops manage and farm crime. Fixing it means less money and less of them needed.

Before 9/11 I discovered absolutely none of the US Constitution applies, and is not enforceable. The US Police State will see the maximum that you will take, and they will go beyond that. Politicians like Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy who helped write the Patriot Act and voted for the NDAA are looking out for the foreign elite invaders/occupiers, not we the people.

My own father came to me in prison. He told me he would help me with getting my business back running if I discontinued my pursuit of seeking justice after my rights were violated, and if I didn't he wouldn't help me and he would see to it my daughter never spoke to me again. She hasn't called me "Daddy" or said "I love you" since prison. It is beyond low when police break up marriages, families, get you fired from jobs when you have broken no laws. Police can lie and slander anyone and get away with it. [thegetjusticecoalition.blogspot.com/2013/10/telling-children]

If you accidently roll through a stop sign at a Wal-Mart, should you endure 14 hours of police anal probing and then have to pay $8000 for the medical procedure? I guess so. Check out the 2nd video.

Buy a home, get married, run a small business, have children, and the police state wants to take it all away and put you prison. Or maybe they just want to rape, torture, rob, and then murder you. Take your pick. They will come for you too. They have already spent your tax money to do the job on you.