Australian Woman Causes Major Car Accident, Sits In Her Car And Abuses Victims And Bystanders

A woman stuck in her crashed car has gone on an expletive-laden rant at bystanders on the Bruce Highway in Queensland this afternoon.

Video shared to social media shows a man approaching the woman in the driver’s seat of the Nissan Patrol, presumably checking if she is okay.

The man walks away, as the woman continues to rant at other witnesses.

One unseen female screams at her, “look at what you’ve fucking done, look at the view behind you,” referring to the debris on the road.

“I haven’t done drugs in ages,” the driver retorts, before repeating the phrase “fuck off” repeatedly.

The 25-year-old Nissan driver collided with a white Jeep at Elimbah about 2pm. Witnesses claimed they saw the woman speeding and zig-zagging through traffic before the crash.


By: skinner (12596.60)

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Location: Australia