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Creepy Mob Basement Found Under House In Las Vegas

Behind a handleless panel in a kitchen of a old mob house a stairway leads down 1 1/2 stories to a full-size bank vault door.
Behind the door is a whole secret suite of rooms, with the strangest

A main room with about 1200 sq ft., a toilet, a passage tunnel
to a place outside of the property (which was drywalled off), and the
kicker, is two concrete and steel tiny rooms with sound-proofed
interiors, and no inside doorknob. Yes, appears to be jail cells! This
is really, REALLY creepy. There is a 40-foot ventilation tube from once
cell to the other, then a blower which exhausts to the storm sewer.
Another weird feature is that the house is wired with single-phase,
1000-amp main panel.

This is only a 3-bedroom normal house........
except for whatever went on 1 1/2 stories below. The basement rooms are
so far below the house and the water table, that there are 3 hug

Added: Mar-4-2012 
By: shlee420x
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