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Muslims Raping & Torturing Christian Girls in Iraq
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Muslims rape and torture young girls and children in Iraq. Note @ 2:00, one young girl is quoted as saying "...they kept reciting suras from the koran..."

This is what Mesbah-Yazdi, Iran's highest islamic leader, said about using rape to terrorize and torture female prisoners:

"Mesbah-Yazdi answered: "The necessary precaution is for the interrogator to perform a ritual washing first and say prayers while raping the prisoner. If the prisoner is female, it is permissible to rape through the vagina or anus. It is better not to have a witness present.

"If the judgment for the [female] prisoner is execution, then rape before execution brings the interrogator a spiritual reward equivalent to making the mandated Haj pilgrimage [to Mecca], but if there is no execution decreed, then the reward would be equivalent to making a pilgrimage to Karbala."

(Source: http://www.israelnationaln

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