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Neo-Nazis fought for Croatia

"Und morgen schon tot"

Translated excerpts:
And tomorrow already dead
SPIEGEL editor Clemens Höges about neo-Nazis, adventurer and madmen in the Croatian army
Peacefully the swastika waves above Klek. The sun rises, from the requisitioned bar below at the dock quietly penetrates "Lili Marleen", the favorite song of the unit Ćikago in the Croatian version with the machine gun salvo at the beginning. A new street sign hangs on the confiscated Serb villa diagonally over the way: the centre of the bathing resort was named "Rudolf-Hess-Platz" by the squad. On the balcony of Ćikago's headquarters underpants flap on the rope, besides the German imperial war flag and the Croatian flag. In the shadow stands the battered and painted troop carrier with the peace sign on the door. This is thier "Peacemaker", the soldiers tease.


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