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These Imbeciles Thought the Titanic Disaster Was Just a Movie

Titanic. Once the largest ship ever built, it sunk after colliding with an iceberg, spiraling down into the Atlantic and killing around 1500 people on April 15, 1912. Everyone knows this. Oh wait—no, these idiots thought it was just a movie:

"Is it bad that I didn't know the titanic was real? Always thought it was just a film."

"Nobody told me titanic was real...? How am I just finding this out?!"

"I thought the Titanic was just a movie. I didn't know it was real tho."

"The titanic was real holly shit im never gooing on a cruise."

Had to share this with my smart liveleakfriends !



Added: Apr-10-2012 
By: Hazel_Nut
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