Russian man arrested by police and faces years in jail for supporting Ukraine in online Russian facebook...ollol

iberian Man Faces Prison For Online Call Inciting Ukrainians to Attack Russians

A criminal case has been opened against a resident of the Siberian
city of Barnaul on charges of inciting hatred on his social media page
by calling upon Ukrainians to perpetrate acts of violence against

The 33-year-old suspect in February posted messages on his personal
Vkontakte page — Russia's most popular online social network — which
investigators said incited Ukrainians to commit violent crimes against

The regional branch of Russia's Investigative Committee in the Altai
region said Wednesday the man is facing criminal charges under
the Criminal Code's articles on inciting national, racial or religious
hatred and on making public calls for extremist activity.

The legislation was amended in June to include the dissemination or support of extremist content on the Internet.

If found guilty, the man could face up to five years in prison.