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"A Day With Khalid Muhammad" - racialist militant

British journalist spends a day with Nation of Islam spokesperson Khalid Abdul Muhammad in New York, America. Not sure what year this was filmed but I wager it was sometime in the late 90s (Khalid died in 2001).

Bear in mind that the Nation of Islam is not representative of all Muslims in the world. Like Christianity the Muslim religion is divided into many sects based on region/culture.



Malcolm X speaks out at Oxford University. During this period in his life the Nation of Islam was beginning to isolate him from their cause because he was beginning to outshine his predecessor, Elijah Muhammed. Not long after this film Malcolm X took a trip to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, to fulfill his duties as a Muslim. It was there that Malcolm first saw black and white people, all of them Muslim, getting along and behaving w

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