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Case closed: The Rosenbergs were Soviet spies

Case closed: The Rosenbergs were Soviet spies
A startling confession again proves their guilt. Now it's time for their left-wing defenders to acknowledge it.
By Ronald Radosh

September 17, 2008

Julius and ethel Rosenberg were executed 55 years ago, on June 19, 1953. But last week, they were back in the headlines when Morton Sobell, the co-defendant in their famous espionage trial, finally admitted that he and his friend, Julius, had both been Soviet agents.

It was a stunning admission; Sobell, now 91 years old, had adamantly maintained his innocence for more than half a century. After his comments were published, even the Rosenbergs' children, Robert and Michael Meeropol, were left with little hope to hang on to -- and this week, in comments unlike any they've made previously, the brothers acknowledged having reached the difficult conclusion that their father was, indeed, a s


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