CONGRATULATIONS Vladimir Putin! You've been named MAN OF THE YEAR by the OCCRP!

.... which is an organization dedicated to exposing organized crime and corruption. This year they named Putin as the man who did the most to "enable and promote organized criminal activity" in 2014. Here are a few quotes from their press release -

"Putin has been a finalist every year so you might consider this a lifetime achievement award. He has been a real innovator in working with organized crime. He has created a military-industrial-political-criminal complex that furthers Russia’s and Putin’s personal interests. I think Putin sees those interests as one and the same."

"Putin was recognized for his work in turning Russia into a major money-laundering center; for enabling organized crime in Crimea and in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine; for his unblemished record of failing to prosecute criminal activity; and for advancing a government
policy of working with and using crime groups as a component of state policy."

“For years Putin has created buffer states run by organized crime thugs, like Transnistria, Ossetia, Abkhazia and now Crimea and the Donbass,” Sullivan said. “While there is a long history of criminal groups working with governments around the world, both in the West and in the former Soviet Union, Putin has institutionalized these connections in ways never seen before.”

You can read the entire press release here: