"Islamic state" Militant converts to Christianity


Having survived clinical death and saved by the monks "Islamic state" militant repents and turns to Christianity, settling in a Catholic monastery in northern Syria,

to eyewitnesses, a thirty two year old man miraculously survived after a heavy
exchange of fire between ISIS and the regular government
forces close to the Syrian eastern border. Grievously wounded soldier was left by his retreating comrades in the desert without any chance of survival. Appeared in the vicinity of a few hours after the cessation of hostilities Catholic monks, of the monastery of St. <span title="Доминика приняли находящегося без сознания мужчину за мертвеца, тем не менее, решив достойно предать его тело земле.

">Dominic, took the unconscious man for the dead man, however, determined to take his body and bury it with dignity
As it turned out, the monks who carried almost lifeless wounded about twenty-six miles to the nearest town, saved his life. Not without a miracle - because of serious injuries and loss of blood, militants heart has stopped ; <span title="однако, пережив состояние клинической смерти, он вернулся в сознание.

">However, having experienced clinical death, he returned to consciousness.

to Father Hermann Dzhrushlinna, man, coming to, immediately
started talking about visions, then brought him to the bosom of

"I thought that if I die in the battle, it will open for me the gates of Paradise. But when I began to climb up to the light, the jinn appeared in front of me, which led me to the Underworld: there I felt all the pain that I have caused to people over the years ... a separate punishment for me was elected observation of death through the eyes of my victims. These pictures will haunt me the rest of my life, "- said former terrorist to a priest.

After that, man heard a voice explaining to him his fate. "He
was told that, being a man, he suffered a defeat - and for this he will
be deprived of the gates of Paradise, if he elect death. But if he chooses life he will have another chance to change, to repent his sins. <span title="Он выбрал жизнь», — продолжил священник.

">He chose to live "- continued the priest.

To date, the newly baptized Christian lives in the monastery, among the monks, which saved him from death. <span title="На удивление врачей, мужчина крайне быстро пошел на поправку.

">To the surprise of doctors, man very quickly recovered.

"Realizing his error, he decided that he was deceived, religiously, throughout his life. Now
he wants his story, his example, served as a warning to other radicals,
which shall hear what is awaits. Their fate may also be applied to the true God
and Creator "