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NAZI Cops ARREST 'Occupy Wall Street' Protestors

The NYPD has been arresting Occupy Wall Street protesters then releasing them without charges. It seems rather like they are attempting to intimidate protesters into either leaving or preventing more from joining. Either way, it's shameful. But, these actions do occur in America.

Also at issue is the use of excessive force on the part of NYPD.

As see in the video below, the NYPD officers toss and drag the protesters around. The police were attempting to dismantle the various tents (many donated by Lupe Fiasco) that had been raised for the rain. But, even if the protesters were refusing to remove their tents, choosing instead to remain inside them, that is no reason for the police to throw and drag protesters around.


Added: Sep-21-2011 
By: amy2x
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