Jamal Al-Durrah presents: Scars from the past

New testimonies in the death of -- 12 year old Palestinian child -- Muhammad Al-Durrah affair. The father, Jamal Al-Durrah, of the "martyrdom" icon from 2000, presented scars from bullets he was supposedly hit from on the day his son was killed but an Israeli doctor claims that they are actually from an old injury he had treated in 1994.

France 2 media presented in 2000 images of a Palestinian boy and his father hiding behind a concrete barrel close to Netzarim in Gaza, reportedly, during a shootout between Palestinian insurgents and an IDF outpost. The IDF was accused by the local Palestinian cameraman who took the heavily contested pictures, Talal Abu Rahmeh, of shooting directly at the child and father for 45 minutes and of killing the boy; A statement that has been put under heavy scrutiny with the cameraman's images of the boy and father lasting approx. 50 seconds and numerous staged 'fight' scenes being reported that day. ( see also: Pallywood, Three bullets and a dead child )

It seems that the Muhammad Al-Durrah story ('mythos') refuses to die out. In France, legal mediation continues over the claim that the tape (video) by France 2 media was fabricated. The investigator's team that continues dealing with the subject in the country corroborate ('found') itself also, that not everything you were told was true. This is definitely the biggest fraud in the history of television. Here is Jamal Al-Durrah, father of Muhammad. In the year 2000, a short time after the event. In the Gaza hospital Jamal presented his arm and his leg and told, "these are the scars caused by bullets from the Israeli army (IDF) rifles." The Israeli investigators claim that France 2 media aired similar claims. They showed these pictures; of the arm, of the leg and a few other images of the same type, which they magnified to the size of gigantic posters as 'proof' that the IDF shot at Jamal and the boy. Dr. Yehuda David from Tel HaShomer hospital also saw the images, but he remembered that he'd met Jamal 6 years earlier in the operating room. The team of investigators asked me if I know that I operated Jamal Al-Durrah Jamal Al-Durrah arrived in 1994 at Tel HaShomer hospital after a gang of Palestinians hit him with an axe in all parts of his body. Jamal Al-Durrah was suffering from a severe and complex paralysis in his right arm. Dr. David operated on Al-Durrah, restoring his arm. The result was an array of scars, a memory for the complex operation. This is a typical scar from a correction of tendons fiber transfer. These scars were presented 6 years later as proof of hits by IDF bullets. There is no possibility here for argument, for a misunderstanding. It is impossible that this is a bullet wound; so long, so thin, so 'pretty'. It is important to say these words still don't prove that the event was fabricated or staged. Certainly, it doesn't prove that Muhammad Al-Durrah is alive as some of the investigators claim. Still, there are a few question marks that there should be hopes they will be answered in the courtroom in Paris