Reports: Syrian air base destroyed in missile attack from sea

Syrian and Lebanese media report a loud explosion at a Syrian military base near Latakia on Wednesday night • Lebanese media say IAF aircraft flew over Lebanon on way to Syria • Eyewitnesses in Latakia hear planes, see large fire at base.

Media outlets in Syria and Lebanon have reported that a loud explosion was heard on Wednesday night at a Syrian military base near the Mediterranean coastal city of Latakia.

A Syrian news agency reported that naval vessels bombarded the base from the sea, causing heavy damage but no injuries. However, Lebanese media reported that the Lebanese military said that Israeli Air Force planes flew over Lebanon on Wednesday night, apparently on their way to Syria.

The Lebanese military also said that over the course of Wednesday there had been noticeable IAF activity in both southern Lebanon and the border region with Syria.

Eyewitnesses in Latakia said the site, located northeast of the city, is officially characterized as a state-owned agricultural institute.

The same eyewitnesses said that locals were aware that secret military activities took place at the site.

"During the night, we noticed much aircraft activity," an eyewitness told a Lebanese Al-Mustaqbal news outlet. "At a certain point, we were woken up by the sound of blasts and we saw a large fire and many explosions at the agricultural institute. Military and security forces arrived at the scene, put out the flames, and closed off the entire area for kilometers."

Israel has warned that it will not permit advanced weaponry to be transferred from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon. The IAF has reportedly carried out a number of airstrikes over the past year to thwart such transfers.



Reports: Syrian air base destroyed in missile attack from sea

By YASSER OKBI, 10/31/2013, Jerusalem Post

Unclear who is behind the attack on base located in stronghold of Assad's Alawites; Channel 2 reports attack's target were S-125 surface-to-air missiles.

A Syrian air defense base near the port city of Latakia was completely destroyed on Thursday morning in a missile attack from the sea, Arab media reported.

According to reports emanating from the rebels seeking to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad, a large explosion occurred near the army base in Latakia on Wednesday night. Witness posted on Twitter that the explosion happened near coastal city Jableh, 30 kilometers south of Latakia, a stronghold of Assad's Alawites..

Channel 2 News reported that the attack's target was a S-125 surface-to-air missiles battery.

Satellite images of the area obtained by Channel 2 show the Russian-made Neva missiles, as well as a SA-3 missile battery, that also includes a command center with a radar to track the missiles' targets and broadcasting anthenas to track the missiles as they are launched. The missiles have a range of 35km. and a 70k. warhead.

Lebanese media also reported that six Israel Air Force planes flew over Ayta ash Shab, Bint Jbeil and Marjayoun in southern Lebanon overnight. Such reports are common in the Lebanese media.

Last week, Kuwait newspaper Al-Jarida reported that that were to be delivered to Hezbollah near the Lebanese-Syrian frontier.

The paper’s story, which quotes a senior Israeli official, has not been confirmed by any other news source. It was also unclear whether the attack took place on Lebanese or Syrian soil.

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