Uncontrolled Demolition cause Traffic Chaos in Hamburg ,Germany

During a Demolition of a 15 Story Highrise Building in Hamburg,Germany Parts of the Buildings fall right trough all Storys to the Ground.The Building is at one of the most busiest Street to and from the City of Hamburg.The Statics was not save anymore and more Parts of the Building where
about to Fall onto the Street infront of the Building,and into
Neighbourhood Office Buildings,that where full in use.The Street was Closed because the unclear Situation and that caused a massive Traffic Chaos in the most Parts of the City.The Traffic out of the Town Southbound was stuck for several Hours.Also all smaller Ways out of Town where full and all moved very slowly.

Now the Demolition Company think about 2 Ways to solve the Problem:

Continue with the usual Machines or use Explosives to lay the remained Building Parts flat.The Building look´s now like a Giant make a Karate Punch right throug the Building (Foto Source: Mopo.de).