Al-Nusra Front battle against PKK near Turkey-Syria border‎

As fighting continues between foreign-backed militants and Syrian troops, neighboring countries seem to be dragged into the confrontation. The Turkish government has been a key ally to al-Nusra Front fighting against the Syrian army.

In a new development the P-Y-D -- a Syrian political branch of the P-K-K-- has taken control of the town of Ras al-Ain on Syria's northeastern border , from al-Nusra Front. The two engaged in battle with each other and some bullets that reached Turkish soil killed a boy.

However, members of the main Turkish opposition Party have said it is actually just the opposite and that Turkey seeks for any reason to start a ground invasion in Syria.

C-H-P Lawmaker Faruk Logoglu said on Friday that the AK Party is after foreign intervention in Syria and is trying, by any means, to create a de facto situation to that end." He also accused the government of pursuing an unrealistic foreign policy and acting in a partisan way in the Syrian crisis. Directly referencing to al- Nusra front, Logoglu also urged "the A-K-P government to end the support for radical groups fighting the Syrian government. In a similar development, senior officials of the B-D-P, the political wing of the P-K-K, expressed similar comments and have sternly warned Ankara against its support for al-Nusra front.

In the mean time, the Turkish army has beefed up security at its borders with Syria and Turkish troops shot at P-Y-D fighters after two rocket-propelled grenades fired from Syria hit a border post on the Turkish side of the frontier.

The idea of the Syrian conflict spilling over into Turkey's soil has reached somewhat a new level. Ankara and the Kurdistan's Workers party reached a historic peace agreement in March. Now the P-K-K and the Al-Qaeda-linked Al Nusra front are at odds or even better to say AT WAR with each other.

The political wing of the P-K-K has said the fact that assailant gangs affiliated with the al-Nusra front are supported by Turkish government is quote '' increasing our concerns.'' This, as several soldiers patrolling Turkey border with Syria have been wounded by unknown gunmen.