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Like Son Like Father: An Inseparable Journey (Brown Tax Protest!),Sun 17 Jun 2007

Article by
Correspondent Beverly Darling.
(Authorís Note: The media that is covering the tax protesters in New Hampshire, and has covered other stand-offs in the past like Waco and Ruby Ridge, often forgets that each person has a story. This is a fatherís journey in which he has decided to join his son Cirino Gonzalez, who along with Ed and Elaine Brown, have barricaded themselves inside their home and are surrounded by Federal Marshals and the U.S. military.)

Thinking back, Jose remembers the story his mother would always tell him that when he was born the doctor tossed him on the bed and said, ĎLife is very hard for man.í Living in the colonias of south Texas Jose can still remember the day they finally had running water in their small home. Years later he was thankful to also have electricity.

Joseís father soon left and he remem


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