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Tea Party Activist Assaults Speaker At Day Of Outrage Rally

March 15th, 2011 at 4:30 PM a rally named Texans’ Day Of Outrage was held at the Houston City Hall. It was a rally voicing unhappiness with what they claim is Republican Governor Rick Perry’s devastation of the state, working families, & the less fortunate.

The rally was well attended with mostly middle class citizens, teachers, Democratic clubs, and union workers. There were two small contingents of Tea Party activists counter protesting. One group of Tea Party members was vociferous but disciplined. The other Tea Party group was loud, vociferous, and violent.

They attempted to break through the line with force towards the speakers. One man with a camera got close to the speaker and assaulted a few people on the side of the speaker pushing and hitting them with his camera.

The assaulter was brought down to the ground as police came to diffuse the situation.

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