Latakia Explosions - What Really Happened?

.Everybody spoke of the explosions in the Qassi military base in Latakia countryside the dawn of Friday the 5th of July 2013, but were mostly speculations based on some Israeli and US fantasies, even media houses supposed to be on the Syrian state side like Iranian PressTV and Russian RT. But what did really happen that day?
1) SAA munition warehouses near Latakia were destroyed.
2) Israel loses an F16-I
3) Israel loses 2 navy boats
4) Israel loses advanced US missiles in Eilat.
You don't like it? Well, Israel is weaker than a spider web, as what Hassan Nasrallah said 7 year ago. 7 years later it's much weaker. Full details:
Arabi Souri:


By: Arabi Souri (218.90)

Tags: Syria, SAA, Latakia, Israel, Wahhabism, Al Qaeda, FSA, Nusra Front, Muslim Brotherhood

Location: Latakia, Syria

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