Goldman Sachs has obscene party in Dubai

Not only has Goldman Sachs the largest bonusses in the financial world also is Goldman Sachs the organiser of the biggest (and most expensive) parties in the Financial world. The average bonus is 700.000$. 106 bankers of the most profitable division of Goldman Sachs: namely the investment banking division are going to party for 9 days with their wives and girlfriends from 23 december 2010 to 1 january 2011 in the most expensive hotel of the world : The Burj Al Arab situated in Dubai. In this companionship of 106 bankers the average bonus is 11.370.000$. Mostly it are the same bankers who have caused the huge lossed of the bank in 2008 with the result that the profit of Goldman Sachs strongly decreased. Even the bank had the first trimester loss in 10 years. The loss was 2,100.000.000$ but their bonusses were still increasing.


The 106 bankers stay from 23 december 2010 to 01 january 2011 in the Burj Al Arab Hotel for celebrating christmas and New Years Eve together with their wives and girlfriends but also to work on ‘’teambuilding” and to know eachother better in a informal environment. The cheapest suite in the hotel costst 820$ each night but the conpanionship will stay at a room that will cost 11,818.80 $ for only one night. The suite has a surface of 670 square meters and has on the Lower level: Spacious living area with private bar, large dining area with kitchen and separate butler entrance, study area and library, Majlis (reception) style lounge and on the upper level: Master bedroom and second bedroom, each with adjoining marble bathrooms with spa bath, walk-in shower, fine porcelain fittings, and full sized Hermes fragrances and body products. Because the bankers and their wives will stay there for 9 days the costs for Goldman Sachs for ‘’one couple’’ are already more than 100.000 $ namely 106.369 $ for 1200$ each day extra they get their breakfast in their room. The lunch will be in one of many restaurants in the Burj Al Arab namely in the ‘culinairy flight’ the lunch costs 989$ for each person. Also the diners will taken place In the culinairy flight for 1489$ each the bankers and their wives get a 5 -course menu with a sommelier selection.


Goldman sachs has also invite the wives & girlfriends of the 106 bankers mostly foreign topmodels of which many people think that they’re goldiggers. The flight of the women will take place later than their husbands because Goldman Sachs hasn’t enough planes to transport the entire companionship in one time. Because one plane has a capacity of only 12 passengers. When they’re finally arrived the can go shopping in one of the huge Shoppingmals with designers like Gucci, Prada, Dior en much more other extremely expensive designers for the dresscode of the Party: ’chic in the 20ies& 30ies’’. The several flagstores have let know that they will have more personal assistents in the stores during the stay of the women, Also they will have bigger stocks, special for the bankers wives. The flagstores are so appalling happy with the stay of the companionship because true the financial crisis their profits are dramatically decreased.


The bankerswives are allowed to shop on the costs of Goldman Sachs, the bank has reserved 127.338.000 $ dollar for the shopping spree of the 106 wives so each wive has 17.338.000/106 = approximately 1.200.000 $ to spent on their shopping spree. The designerstores have let know that the will close their store for other customers when the bankerswive are inside. So the bankerswives can shop in complete rest and with total attention of the personal shoppers.


The companionship will be welcomed with several extremely expensive gifts. The bankers will receive a ‘’ Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon 18k watch with a value of 126.727 $ the women will receive a ‘’ Jacob &Co Ladies Diamond 18k White Gold Watch with a value of 119.978 $ but the women will receive something else namely a Prada Pitone Pietre Jeweled python bag of 5098$ it’s a rare bag with a small edition. The prada bag must be seen as a extra gift for the day later arrival. The reason why the companionship will receive all the expensive gifts (and money for the shopping spree) is because Goldman Sachs wants to reward their elite bankers and their wives for a extremely profitable year. Also there will be in each suite a trunk of 12 (75cl) bottles of one of the most expensive Champagnes in the world: the Perrier Jouet The trunk costs 63.669 $ one single bottle costs already 5305 $


106 Suites 106*9*11.818 = 11.274.372 $
Diners 212*9*1489 = 2.841.012 $
Lunches 212*9*989 = 1.887.012 $
Ontbijt (room service) 212*9*1200 = 2.289.600 $

Audemars watch 106*126.727 = 13.433.062 $
Jacob & co watch 106*119.978= 12.717.668 $
Prada bag 106*5098 = 540.388 $
Champagnetrunk (12x0,75cl) 106*63.669= 6.748.914 $

Taxi ( only Bentleys and Rolls Royces) the cost are variable and will be paid true Goldman Sachs but to give an indication: the Bently costs 500$ p/h and the Rolls 600$ p/h
Planes 2*76.000 = 152.000 $

TOTAL COSTS $ 51.884.028