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Shepherd Leads Sheep Vatican One World Religion Kneel Slave

The Shepherd Leads the Sheep. Vatican One World Religion for followers of all fake religions. Kneel Slave and PRAY or die.

The Vatican preparing the sheep for the coming one world religion "Mother Earth Goddess" Save the planet

Fake/Real distorted truth global warming scare coupled with a global recession brought on by the BANKSTER OVERLORDS in the Corporation of London is to be used to drive the masses to pray to the Pope. Pope Pedophile The Pious is the guy with the hotline to God. The Bush Family CIA approved religious dictator.

They don't care what stupid religious mumbo jumbo religion you think is real in your poorly educated brainwashed mind they just want you to fear hell and pay a tithe to get into heaven.

Christian soldiers are the easiest zealots to control. They will torture in the name of god and country one minute and party hard with the enemy later that night af

Added: Mar-12-2008 
By: Slaverevolt
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