Surveillance video captures horrific attack by thug on man

CCTV:Boston, ENGLAND.An 18-year old man from Boston caught on CCTV repeatedly stamping on a man's head has been sentenced at Lincoln Crown Court.

Christopher Brian Griggs from Skirbeck Road, Boston appeared before The Recorder of Lincoln, His Honour Judge Heath having pleaded guilty of Attempted Grievous Bodily Harm with intent against a 35-year old man of no fixed address.

Griggs attacked the 35-year old man in the town's Market Place on Friday june 12, having been drinking alcohol since 1.30pm that afternoon.

At around 11.00pm the two men were initially caught on CCTV skirmishing and facing up to one another. Griggs was then seen stripping off his shirt and removing his shoes before chasing his victim who had run off.

Having caught up with the victim, Griggs then punched him to the ground before unleashing a sustained attack.

He repeatedly stamped on the victim's head leaving him unconscious and in serious need of medical assistance. It was only thanks to a member of the public who intervened that he stopped.

The attack was captured by operators working in Boston Borough Council's CCTV suite and they, in turn, were swift to call for police assistance. Following the attack Griggs fled the scene, however, he was soon detained by attending officers and arrested in connection with the offence. Griggs was taken to Boston Police Station where the following day he was charged and remanded in connection with the offence.

The 35-year old man was taken to Boston's Pilgrim Hospital where he was treated for a large haematoma to the right side of his temple, a gash behind his ear and he also sustained a chipped front tooth. He was detained for two days for treatment before being discharged. He has since left the area.

At Lincoln Crown Court details of Griggs' previous convictions for violence were read out, which amounted to two convictions and two cautions going back to 2004.

Sentencing Christopher Griggs His Honour Judge Heath said, "You are before me today for attempting to cause Grievous Bodily Harm with intent, which means you intended to cause significant injury. You could have caused brain damage and you could have killed your victim. This was a vicious attack you carried out and it's not the first time you've been involved in violence."

Christopher Griggs was handed down a sentence of thirty-months in a Youth Offenders Institution, minus the ninety-five days already served on remand.

Inspector Phil Clark who heads up local policing across the Boston area said, "The violence that was unleashed on the victim that night could well have led to more serious injuries, if not worse. The CCTV images make sickening viewing, but we're relieved to hear that the victim has gone on to recover from his injuries."

"Boston Borough Council CCTV control room monitors the town twenty-four-seven and plays a major part in assisting the detection of crime carried out across the town. We enjoy a very positive relationship CCTV operators and it's thanks to their diligence that many offences, such as this, are apprehended and lead to a successful prosecution. Evidentially, the footage is vital."

"Violent crime, much of it alcohol-fuelled, is on the increase nationally and sadly, this case is a perfect example. In Boston we are committed to taking a hard line with anyone who thinks that drunken, violent behaviour is acceptable. Thanks to a successful, productive partnership with Boston Borough Council, anyone getting involved in public disorder or violence in the town is very unlikely to get away with it.