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Bolton rips Obama the Miserable Failure a New Ass on his Ridiculously Lame and Impotent UN Speech.

Obama...epic miserable failure, in record time.

Apparently Americas punishment for being a bunch of cultist mouth breathers, is 3 more years of this world renowned laughing stock and miserable failure as president.

Bolton: ‘A Post-American Speech By Our First Post-American President’ [Robert Costa]

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton tells NRO that President Obama’s address to the U.N. was “a post-American speech by our first post-American president. It was a speech high on the personality of Barack Obama and high on multilateralism, but very short in advocating American interests.”

“It was a very naïve, Wilsonian speech, and very revealing of Obama’s foreign policy,” says Bolton. “Overall, it was so apologetic for the actions of prior administrations, in an effort to distance Obama from them, that it became yet another symbol of Amer


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