When the Hood Latch Fails at 125 MPH

The hood latch on my 996 Carrera failed on the back straight of VIR, at ~ 125 MPH. The impact was quite substantial; it shook the entire car, dented the roof, and shattered the rear view mirror. The windshield is lexan, otherwise it would surely have shattered, as well. Luckily, I was able to get the car slowed down safely and off the track before causing problems for anyone else.

Edit: Thanks to the people who actually commented in a polite and constructive manner. You trolls and haters are very fun, as well. Keep it comin'!

Oh, and just FYI... I did not post this to brag in any way. I just thought you guys would be interested in the video, since dash cam incidents are so popular on this site.

As for the latch failure... the previous owner of the car made some stupid changes to the hood latching system and, in the process, damaged the internal components of the locking mechanism. Hood clips were definitely on my list of changes to the car, but I procrastinated and it led to this.

The car is a 2001 Carrera Coupe (2WD) with full roll-cage, stock 3.4 engine, stock transmission, Moton Double Adjustable Club Sport shocks, Hoosier R6 tires, front and rear GT3 LCAs, Wevo motor mounts, adjustable rear toe links, Brembo Big Brake kit, solid subframe bushings, full open exhaust, EVO Cold Air Box & Filter, lexan front and rear windshields, and fuel cell. Weight is just a tad under 3100 lbs.


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