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Anti-Muslim film 'Innocence of Muslims' 

The film causing the current uproar in the Middle East can be seen here:

It is an absolute piece of shit. The acting is bad, the dialogue is bad, the green-screen effects are almost mind-boggling in their awfulness.

The actors and crew involved have released a statement saying they were duped by the film-maker; a man going by the pseudonym 'Sam Bacile.' They were originally hired to make a film called 'Egypt: Desert Warrior' which was supposed to be about a random ancient Egyptian. You can tell by watching that all of the lines insulting Islam were dubbed in after the film was shot.

The man who is supposed to be Sam Bacile has given a phone interview saying he is an Israeli Jew and that the film was financed by Israeli donors to the tune of $5 million. There is no conceivable way the film cost $5 million. The real budget is probably

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