Debunking pro-russian propaganda lies about Ukraine

15. November 2014 the following posts was made from from

claiming a video showing how a Ukrainian fascist /NAZI was beaten from a anti-fascist.The videos was both uploaded to YouTube with similar descriptions in Russian.

Since I lately find it hard to believe anything anymore coming from pro-Russian side and Russians, I was starting to find more informations about what really happened.

There was basically no informations to find when using the descriptions from the videos, so I simply was going the most logical way and wrote a email to El Pais TV and got following informations.

With this informations it was easy to find the related reports on several websites, one also showing the video in another quality.

According to that news (Google translated):

It was all recorded. The attack of three redskins in Barcelona a group of Ukrainian citizens is enshrined in a recording that is in the possession of the court investigating the case and for which a young, according to the Catalan police linked to the Catalan separatist radical left remains in prison for attempted murder and threats. The video shows the moment of brutal aggression.

Two other members of this group redskin were also arrested and have been released with charges. The prosecutor for hate crimes and discrimination, Miguel Angel Aguilar, believes that the attack had only ideological motivations and therefore has taken over the case and applies the aggravation.

As a result of the attack, Oleksandr, a Ukrainian citizen aged 56, on holiday in Barcelona and does not speak Castilian and Catalan, has spent several weeks in an induced coma since the October 11 was hit with a helmet on his head. Recently, as confirmed by the counsel for the prosecution, Sebastián Martínez Ramos, has raised but with serious consequences for the moment. "It's starting to relearn how to walk and often not recognized when you look in the mirror," said the lawyer. Ramos Martinez agrees with the prosecutor: "They acted only motivated by hate."

According to the police report provided to the court, the victims were thrown out of a debate called "open in support of People's Republics of Donesk and Luganks Assembly." The event was held at the "center The Athenian independence becomes" as specified by Mossos at his cluttered. The group of Ukrainians had come there to give his version of the theme that addressed the debate and make the defense of a united Ukraine.

So we see once again how easy and shameless the pro-Russian side and Russian media turns around facts and lies to the whole world, including them selfs.

Facts are, that a Spain "Red Skin" ( supporters of the separation of Catalan in Spain, and even if claiming to be "red" , actually are more connected to the neo-Nazi side ) has beaten a Ukraine citizen to coma after he defended a united Ukraine.