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Military Caught in Middle of Political Brawl Over Social Issues

The U.S. military is being muddied in the trench as Democrats and Republicans fight a tug-of-war over social issues timed weeks before Election Day.

What should have been a routine budget bill for the Pentagon is now a political cauldron brimming with proposed policy changes over abortion, gay rights and illegal immigration. Senate Democrats have folded, or attempted to fold, all those issues into a single defense package, leading to accusations that the Senate is needlessly politicizing its annual obligation to fund the military.

As the parties hurl political hand grenades at one another, stuck in the crossfire is the military itself.

Joe Davis, spokesman for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, said Congress will avoid a Pentagon shutdown, as it always does, by passing a resolution to continue funding defense at current levels.

But he expressed concern about the "attachments" t


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