Aussie Fracking Causing Condamine River To Burn When Lit

A legend photographer mate of mine got a good tip on the environmental crimes of fracking gas in Chinchilla, Queensland. He traveled 6 hrs by car + 2 hrs in a boat to get there. (out of mind, out of sight). Met a bloody top local Aussie fixer to take him upstream to show him the evidence of the crimes.

My family farm Beef out here and the scale of the nightmare is off the chart... We have been able to light the tap water here for years...and this is another yet problem to add to the damage list caused by this shitty industry. When will the Justice system do something?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I promise. Australia's epic underground aquifer is in the balance. Ban Fracking NOW!!!


By: DUFFBAG (717.30)

Tags: Fracking, Gas, Australia

Location: Chinchilla QLD 4413, Australia

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