Crazy Guy in PickUp Truck Challenges an Elephant

Crazy Guy in PickUp Truck Challenges an Elephant !

Kruger National Park. Please Obey the Kruger Park Rules.

This is just a short video of how people break Kruger Park Rules.
This person was filmed challenging this Elephant in Kruger National Park, South Africa.
Obviously he did not know that some tourist actually do care and took this video of him clearly teasing the huge Elephant.
Confused, the Elephant retreated. Lucky outcome....

Later it surfaced the person was trying to clear the road for fellow tourists. What ? Animals have right of way in Kruger National Park ! He was fined and Banned from the game reserve.

Either the visitor is uninformed of the rules in the Kruger Park or they just don't care.

At the end of the day it is the animal that suffers, because they will be put down if they attack/kill visitors.
This is their domain.They have right of way here.
Please Do Not Attempt This ! Ever.

Please see the' Reynold "Rey" Thakhuli, General Manager: Media, Events & Stakeholder Relations