Norway Government Bans Christian Cross

All Christian symbols must be removed for Islamic asylum seekers

The cross has to go before the asylum seekers comes. It is important for Norway to stay neutral and not offend Muslims with Christians symbols.

Due to the large flow of asylum seekers to the country. The government UDI has found it necessary to lodge asylum seekers in more places than ordinary reception.

The Norwegian Missionary Society (NMS) operates several Christian camp sites, which they want to rent to Government UDI. Government UDI says yes please, but on one condition. All Christians symbols must be removed in buildings and doors. All Christian paintings must also be removed. It important we treat them with tolerance, respect, love & its important not to offend Muslims says government UDI.

The Secular democratic government of Norway must be value-neutral.
UDI is not concerned that offering overnight accommodation has a value justification. However all value of religious symbols must be removed and the government must stay neutral. The Government cannot chose Christianity over Islamic refuges says government UDI.