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Who Owns America's Wealth

Welcome to the land of inequality. Despite what America likes to show in movies and the media, of all the industrialized nations, the gap between rich and poor is particularly striking in America.

America's budget for military spending ultimately means a low quality of life compared to less socially stratified nations that spend less on military and invest more in quality of life for its citizens.

No empires in 752 countries around the world. No spending 400 billion dollars on nuclear warheads, what is the fucking return on investment of nuclear missiles anyway?

Nobel Prize Winning Economist Paul Samuelson has pointed out that the pyramid like stratification of American society means the richest fifth own over 80% of all property and wages.

Yeah, and Americans think they are the model for the world. No thanks. No thanks America. America is a scam.

Added: Dec-23-2008 
By: isseki_nicho
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